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A weekend: Relaxation and wellness

To disconnect from the routine and stress of daily life, there is nothing better to spend a weekend of wellness and relaxation in Borgo Pace. To put behind the stress of a working week or of the chaotic traffic in the city, just park under the imposing fir tree in the main square (you won't believe it: Piazza del Pino) ​​and go for a walk near the center, surrounded by nature. Just behind the town hall, along a typical street of the Apennine villages with stone houses, we find a descent that leads in a few minutes to a large green area, just below the “House of Scripture”. Here it will not be difficult to see a stream that descends with a small waterfall on the left and one that arrives placid on the right: you are at the confluence of the Meta with the Auro and, right in front of your eyes, the Metauro, the longest river in the Marche, is beginning. The confluence is an ideal place for a relaxing walk with your feet into the cool waters full of fishes that dart in every direction or to sit on the grass and contemplate nature and to look for the several animals that live in this pristine habitat: the shrimp and river crab, kingfisher and various species of fishes are just some of the many animals that live in these parts. If your visit is in summer, you cannot miss a refreshing dip in the natural pools of the Auro: here the water descends from the Apennine mountains and offers waterfalls and "eddies" ideal for a nice swim. All this activity certainly makes you hungry,  why do you not take advantage of the many farmhouses and restaurants in this area? Here everyone has their own offer and their own specialties, the common thread is the genuineness of the products and their link with the territory. After a relaxing night (here is the list of accommodations) the next day can be an opportunity to try a sport that is as fascinating as unusual in these places: Golf.

The Alpe della Luna Golf Club is an ideal facility for golf fans but it is also the right opportunity for people who want to approach this sport in a natural and spectacular environment. Just reach the Club House in the sporting center area of ​​Borgo Pace to enter into the world of golf, guided by instructors who will be able to follow you during the whole course. After a morning of sport and a well-deserved lunch, the relaxing weekend can be rounded off with an afternoon at the Spa of the Antica Locanda La Diligenza. A structure very close to the historic center that offers to its users a relaxation area consisting of  a mini pool with 6 hydromassage places, a  sulphurous water shower, a massage gazebo and small gym plus a fitness area with 16 places for free body exercises but also a sauna and a solarium where you can relax while enjoying an iced drink.

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