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The mountains around Borgo Pace are peculiar, they do not reach great altitudes but despite this, for the conformation and nature of their soils, they host a mountainous environment, with beech and turkey oak woods alternate to meadows and pastures.

Up here, spring arrives slowly, low temperatures and cold winters make a gradual awakening of the season that explodes just before summer.

In this long period between February and June, in the Borgo Pace territory, in particular in the "high meadows" of the Alpe della Luna and Bocca Trabaria, a spectacle goes on stage every year in centuries: the blooming of thousands of plants that color the whole massif.

The earliest ones are the saffron flowers, Crocus vernus, a typically mountain plant closely related to the one that produces the saffron used in cooking. Already at the end of winter you can see the purple flowers of Crocus that cover the pastures.

Around April and May, the moment of “Lunaria” arrives and covers large areas of the undergrowth with its slight purple flowers, and then it produces the unique circular fruits called “Pope's medallions”.

During the spring it is possible to admire the flowering of orchids, present in these areas with a large number of species, different for looking, flowering period and habitat.

The great wealth of orchids is one of the reasons why the whole area of ​​Bocca Trabaria and Alpe della Luna is a SIC (site of community interest).

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