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Last stronghold in the Marche region before starting to climb the hairpin bends of Bocca Trabaria,Lamoli is a place of spirituality with very ancient origins. The small village, which today has less than 100 inhabitants, established around the Benedictine Abbey of San Michele Arcangelo that the devotees of San Benedetto founded in 543, a few years after his death. Its name comes  from Castrum Lamularum, the name of the area where Lamoli  was built, a set of small rock blades, typical of this side of the Apennines.

Lamoli, on the banks of the Meta stream, is placed on the old commercial tracks among Rome and Urbino and the cities of the Adriatic coast. The Abbey always had a catalyzing role in the history of Lamoli's development. The area, at the heart of an appreciated construction timber trading, was first a nullius and then a personal fiefdom of the Pope.

As time passed Lamoli and its possessions were merged with the municipality of Borgo Pace where it is today the main hamlet.

The current appearance of the village has suffered the passage of the front during the Second World War: the retreating Germans mined the bridge over the Meta and some buildings which were then rebuilt according to more modern canons.

Here the community is very unite and during the year organizes an attended and followed event in the  entire district, the Sagra della Panzanella which, in mid-August, animates the Fair area with food stands, local products, entertainment and dancing evenings.

It is a must walking through the small streets that lap the woods of Alpe della Luna to know the spirit of a place where the spirituality of the Abbey and the strong presence of nature are one with the town. Lamoli can be a special point of departure to discover the surrounding environment thanks to the many paths that start from here and that allow to explore all the territory.

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