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Moving to Borgo Pace

A life!

If you are digital nomads, workers of all kinds or retirees, little changes, if you are looking for a slow revolution, a radical change able to bring you into contact with nature, traditions and a more sustainable life rhythm, consider the idea of ​​moving to Borgo Pace.

With the pandemic, many people have understood that spaces and rhythms are essential for a peaceful and balanced life,so they have decided to move to the Apennines. A reasoned choice, but able to give people that serenity that very often gets lost in the grip of the continuous work and of too close living environments. To get an idea: the Borgo Pace area has a population density of less than 10 inhabitants per square km, the Municipality of Milan 7,700 inhabitants per square km, Two different worlds in terms of size and characteristics, which today they are able to communicate and keep in touch thanks to a working and expanding internet coverage.

Until a few years ago, moving to the Apennines meant isolating yourself from the rest of the world, today this is not so.

Living in a small village means to know all the fellow villagers in person, to go out on foot, never have the problem of parking, to leave the children free to play without worries. Disconnect from work and have some of the most beautiful trails in the region, a river for swimming, seasonal products grown by trusted people, at zero-km from where we consume them. A style that is certainly more sustainable for us and for our environment.

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The Borgo Pace area offers a wide range of good reasons for a long stay, but if we have  little time available and need quiet, we cannot forget to reserve a visit to one of the symbols of this territory, the Abbey of San Michele Arcangelo.

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