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A week: destinations less than 1 hour from Borgo Pace

Some advice on how to spend a week in Borgo Pace, without missing the beauty of the whole surrounding area.

The upper Metauro valley is a treasure chest to be discovered and Borgo Pace is a privileged point to establish daily routes in the surrounding area. The first day is reserved to discover the history and richness of Borgo Pace and of its hamlets: the Abbey of Lamoli is an essential destination, but also a visit to the many villages along the ridges of the Alpe della Luna, until you take an eno-gastronomic break, in local restaurants, based on delights of the territory. After the first contact with Borgo Pace, the second day can be an opportunity to visit Mercatello sul Metauro and Sant’Angelo in Vado, between history and tradition just  ten-minute drive from Borgo Pace. In Mercatello sul Metauro, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and “Orange Flag”, the monumental complex of San Francesco is an unmissable stop as well as a visit to the places of origin of Santa Veronica, patroness of swordsmen. Sant’Angelo in Vado is the home of the Domus del Mito, one of the most important archaeological discoveries from the post-war period to today. The third day you can continue to descend into the valley and discover two cities of art, the ancient capitals of the Duchy of Urbino: Urbino and Urbania. Urbino has a historical center heritage of Unesco where the Ducal Palace detaches, symbol of the Renaissance it was built by Federico da Montefeltro and inside there is the National Gallery of the Marche. In Urbania, capital of artist majolica, the Civic Museum and the Barco Ducale, hunting lodge of the Dukes of Urbino, are worth a visit.

The fourth day we return to surprise us with the wonders of nature. The Gola del Furlo

is a unique spectacle not to be missed. Here the Candigliano river cuts the rock of the mountains, creating a real canyon. Hiking paths, Roman ruins such as the Galleria del

Furlo and secular Abbeys can complete the day in a fairytale place. Not far from here there is Monte Nerone, a mountainous massif that reaches 1450 meters in height and which has at its base two beautiful places: Piobbico and Apecchio. In the first town a visit to Palazzo Brancaleoni is recommended while Apecchio in addition to having an important museum dei Fossili, it is the home of alo-gastronomy, where artisanal beer, made with the clear water of Nerone, meets good food.  The fifth day and another new valley: following the Strada della Luna we arrive in Tuscany, in Badia Tedalda, an important center in Tuscan border where, in the church of San Michele, it is possible to admire the glazed terracotta of the Della Robbia school.

Returning to the Marche, the Natural Park of Sasso Simone and  Simoncello are also worth a visit, you can choose the paths that lead up to the top of Sasso Simone where the City of the Sun was born and only a few ruins remain today.

Finally, for the last two days,  you just have to rest and enjoy the great variety of proposals in the Borgo Pace area.



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