Path n. 388

Figgiano - Palazzo Mucci

It is a connecting path between the hamlet of Figgiano, at an altitude of 743 m, and path n.90 which locally descends to Palazzo Mucci.

Close to the Agriturismo il Ginepro in Figgiano, take path 88, which descends rapidly in altitude, cross a stream and you will find yourself in front of a fork, both roads lead back to path 90, which you meet after passing two others small streams. From there, the path n. 90 leads to the village of Palazzo Mucci and, if you want to go on, directly to Parchiule.


1,3 km


Hiking trail

Time to go

1 h / 1h 10 m

Time to return

1 h / 1h 10 m

Departure altitude

750 meters

Arrival  altitude

750 mt

Maximum altitude

780 mt

Difference in altitude

30 mt