Path n. 389

Parchiule - Ranco Fabbri – Lamoli

From Parchiule you run alongside the Fosso di Val Pellico up to Case Colle. Then, you ford the stream and the rural settlement of Ranco Fabbri appears in front of you, characterized by four terraced farmhouses made in sandstone and located on the slope.

You go on a steep ridge overlooking the valley, until you reach an altitude of 814 m. Then  you follow a suggestive stretch of moderate climb that runs along the ridge until the junction of path n. 85 at Poggio della Biforca, which ends at an altitude of 908 m. The route continues down to national road 73 bis in the locality of Ca 'li Bei along Val di Scrofa.

Length 4,8 km

Difficulty  hiking trail

Time to go 

2,30 / 2,40 h.

Time to return 

2,10 / 2,20 h.

Departure altitude

670 meters

Arrival altitude

670 meters

Maximum altitude

850 meters

Difference in altitude 

180 m.