Path n.

Borgo Pace- Colubraia- Parchiule

 The route can be taken on foot from the center of Borgo Pace, following path 87 which starts from the picnic area near the cemetery. (otherwise you can drive directly to Passo della Spugna, the road that connects Borgo Pace to Sestino). When you arrive on the ridge, follow path 90 on the left, which, just over an hour, leads to the Oratory of Colubraia at an altitude of 1000 meters. From there you quickly descend until you arrive first at Palazzo Mucci, then at Parchiule

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Length 24,5 km

Difficulty hiking trail

Time to go 9h and 30 minutes / 10 h and 30minutes

Time to return 8h  / 9h

Departure altitude 410 m

Arrival altitude 1222 m

Maximum altitude 1222 m

Difference in altitude 1500 m