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A weekend: Villages and towers

A weekend in Borgo Pace can also be an opportunity to discover the area from a different angle, looking for the settlements, small villages and castles along the ridges and valleys of this municipality.

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Moving to Borgo Pace

If you are digital nomads, workers of all kinds or retirees, little changes, if you are looking for a slow revolution, a radical change able to bring you into contact with nature, traditions and a more sustainable life rhythm, consider the idea of ​​moving to Borgo Pace.

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One day:

The Borgo Pace area offers a wide range of good reasons for a long stay, but if we have  little time available and need quiet, we cannot forget to reserve a visit to one of the symbols of this territory, the Abbey of San Michele Arcangelo.

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Planning one day:

Borgo Pace and its territory represent a wide range of possibilities for those who want to spend a day in contact with nature among relaxation, wellness and breathtaking views.

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