Planning one day:

Trekking and nature

Even in one day it can be remarkable, in the pristine nature of Borgo Pace.

Borgo Pace and its territory represent a wide range of possibilities for those who want to spend a day in contact with nature among relaxation, wellness and breathtaking views. If you love trekking or just you are a walker looking for postcard views, a simple but beautiful itinerary in terms of nature and landscape is the one that leads you to one of the most panoramic points of the whole territory, a privileged place where you observe, in front of you, the whole hinterland with its beautiful colors.

We can leave your car in Bocca Trabaria and follow the Sentiero Italia, the longest path in the world, so we will arrive at Monte dei Frati, one of the main peaks of the Alpe della Luna. We start immersing ourselves in the woods along the main track and in a short time we gain altitude arriving at the upper meadows and then to the main ridge of the Alpe that we will follow during our journey. Here, looking towards the horizon, you can see three regions: the Marches on the right, Umbria on the left and Tuscany opposite. The climb is never too difficult and the passage, through shady woods of tall beeches, always makes it nice. After one hour walk, you reach Passo delle Vacche, where you can see some hunting cabins in the forest landscape. Continuing on the path you arrive at Sbocco di Bucine from where you go around the summit of Monte Maggiore until it faces the Ripa della Luna, the characteristic sickle-shaped cliff, more than 200 meters high, that gives its name to Alpe della Luna. The itinerary moves on the top of the rocky wall, allowing you to look out over the cliff, an ideal panoramic point for landscape photos. The last climb leads to the highest peak of Alpe della Luna, Monte dei Frati (1.453m), whose peak is marked by a pile of stones and a wooden sign. Near the summit is the Paolo Massi Bivouac with a picnic area used to have a packed lunch, the right reward after 10 kilometers of walking. No snacks or pre-packaged snacks, but this is the perfect change to taste many products offered by Borgo Pace, such as the many specialties of local butchers with pork or wild boar sausages that can make unique also a simple sandwich.