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Rare Nature

There is only one word to describe the rich and various nature of the Borgo Pace area: biodiversity.

Different habitats, ranging from the mountain one of Bocca Trabaria to the hilly one near the village of Borgo Pace, hold a great variety of animal and plant species.

There are several rare species which, thanks to the very low population density, benefit from a large and not very fragmented territory, where the human presence is discreet.


The beech woods Species of orchids, beech woods, turkey oaks, silver fir

Cirsiumalpis-lunae, a grassy plant that, as the name indicates, was described in the mountains of the Alpe della Luna. Stachys alpina, Centaurea montana and Luzula nivea that are here in the southern limit of distribution, at least for the Adriatic side in the Marche, Chrysospleniumalternifolium (very rare Saxifragacea which is found further south

 in the Monti della Laga), Cerastiumsylvaticum, Cardamine chelidonia, Rosa villosa, Petasitesalbus ( also present on M. Sibillini, where it is very rare, and on M. della Laga), Cardamineflexuosa, Salix cinerea, etc.






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Even if its territory is mountainous, the Alpe della Luna is a land of waters and rivers. From one of its main peaks, the Monte Maggiore, two of the most important rivers in the province of Pesaro and Urbino rise: the Foglia and the Metauro.

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