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The festival of panzanella

At the turn of August 15th there is a stopover for the inhabitants of this area, a Festival with a capital S, which since 1968 has not betrayed the expectations of visitors of all ages and interests.

It is the Lamoli Panzanella Festival.

Panzanella is a traditional dish of the peasant cuisine in Tuscany, which is a few kilometers from Lamoli. Panzanella is a poor dish: old bread was soaked and mixed with vegetables that were easily available in the garden.

In the Borgo Pace area, Panzanella was probably common among the charcoal burners in the summer, they stayed in the woods for several months, away from home, to "cook the coal” and they used the bread that the women brought on their periodic visits to supply food. The stale bread was  cut into slices and soaked in water then it was added some vinegar, some pieces of tomato, onion and salt and the Panzanella was ready.

To celebrate this story and the delicious result of the capacity of our ancestors to adapt. the Sagra della Panzanella every year offers visitors a series of homemade gastronomic specialties, dance music and games for children, in the equipped area of ​​Campo della Fiera.

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