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The indipendent Republic of Figgiano

Six inhabitants, an holiday farm, a panoramic terrace and many stories to tell. This is the village of Figgiano, a group of houses clinging on one of the crags of the Auro valley.

Coming up from the road that also runs along Castel dei Fabbri, you can feel as you were far from the events of the daily life,  in a magic place with a small village around the Santa Lucia Church and time never seems to pass.

Here, between the quiet and the noises of nature, the imagination (and the goliardery) of the inhabitants have given rise to the renamed Free Republic of Figgiano, an unreal nation in which you can be part through an investiture ceremony, with a specific ritual.

Figgiano, isn’t only a beautiful village, but also a crossroads of the most panoramic trails in this area.

From there it is possible to reach easily the Oratory of the Colubraia which is located a little higher, at 1000 meters, and from which you can observe a breath-taking round view from the mountains of  Alpe della Luna to the coast.

Going along  one of the several paths that reach the Oratory,  it is a must to stop to the San Francesco Spring, where water gushes from a rock. The legend says that it has been miraculously created by the Saint.  In 1213 San Francesco left Tuscany to go to San Leo and, on his way, passed through Figgiano too.  Here S. Francesco made a spring of water gush out "by touching a sponge stone with his fist". Stories from the past tell that this spring water had therapeutic effects especially for the skin. After eight centuries from the Fonte di San Francesco in Figgiano, spring water continues to flow, excellent for a cool drink after a hiking.

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