The Path of the coalman

The path starts from the center of Borgo Pace and tells us about the work of the charcoal burner with nice educational panels. The route runs along the ridge that divides the Meta River Valley and the Auro River Valley, offering beautiful panoramic views.

Following the signs it will be possible to discover the ruins of an ancient feudal tower, and then to descend in toc. Sant’Andrea, where you can see live, fascinating charcoal piles

operating from May to September.

It is a medium difficulty path also family friendly (children +8 years) and inexperienced hikers. First stretch uphill.

Project by “Epicentro”, illustrations by Marco Amantini.


4 km


Hiking trail

Time to go

1.50 h

Time to return

1.50 h

Departure altitude

463 m.

Arrival altitude

1179 m.

Maximum altitude

817 m

Difference in altitude

716 m.