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The road of the Moon

Da Borgo Pace a Badia Tedalda

It’s not true that all roads are used only for moving in the fastest way from one place to another one. There are someone for walking slowly, stopping as often as possible to see the view that opens to uncontaminated woods or to grasp the tiny and courageous signs of the man passage in front of a nature that appares infinite.

This is the case of the Strada della Luna, which connects Borgo Pace with Badia Tedalda through small rural agglomerations and ancient villages, a road traveled over the centuries by travelers, traders, pilgrims and all those people who wanted to reach Tuscany. Today it is a dirt road, suitable by car too, and not so different from the times when San Francesco, Dante or Piero della Francesca traveled in it centuries ago. The best way to enjoy these wonders is to follow the trekking and mountain-bike itineraries starting from the Strada della Luna. In fact, a guide to the Strada della Luna is available with the paths that can be traveled and with what is possible to find on the route, proposals for differtent levels of difficulty, for children too: the Path of the Smugglers follows the old routes of the salt trade along the Via Romea while the Paths of the Gothic Line tell the events of the Second World War fought here, other paths lead to the Presalino waterfalls or to those of the Gorgascura valley. Here you have the feeling of living in a timeless space, surrounded only by nature and by the imposing mountains of the Alpe della Luna. Every curve of the Strada della Luna can be a privileged watching point in forests that get lost in sight, between the Metauro and Marecchia valley, divided by the Montelabreve pass which acts as a watershed.

Acquaviva, Castellacciola, Parchiule, Ca 'Metrogno are just some of the places where you can see the human presence, small rural villages emptied by the time where it is recommended to get lost.

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Villages and Culture

The village of Parchiule

Fully surrounded by nature, Parchiule is an excellent example of a perfectly preserved ancient rural agglomeration: here the houses are still in the style of the central Apennines, intact for centuries and today lived as first or second homes. Parchiule is in a place where many paths start.

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Villages and Culture

Here passed the gothic line

During the last World War the mountains of the Alpe della Luna were the scene of great battles that contributed to the difficult path to liberate  Italy. At the end of the war to commemorate the great battle and the partisans who lost their lives in it, the Monument to the Resistance was built at the entrance to the village of Parchiule.

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Sport and Outdoor

The Sources of the Auro

Even if its territory is mountainous, the Alpe della Luna is a land of waters and rivers. From one of its main peaks, the Monte Maggiore, two of the most important rivers in the province of Pesaro and Urbino rise: the Foglia and the Metauro.

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